Shop owner? Don’t be an outsider!

Empty-Store-580x360Are you aware of the fact that one out of seven customers feel you are not welcoming them? That you’re not accessible for them?

I know what you’re thinking. I’ve never had any complaints. No, that’s right. How many people take the effort to complain if they also can go to another store. A store, where they accessibility is perfect.. Not so many…

Hard of heraring people never complain..

Another reason why you do not hear the complaints is that, when you’re hard of hearing, it can be more difficult to complain because having a conversation in a busy store, is almost impossible for a hearing aid wearer.  Another reason for them not to complain, is that they often feel ashamed.

Are you now convinced of the fact that: not hearing complaints doesn’t mean there aren’t any?

Your problem!

To be straight forward to you, eventually it’s your problem, not the problem of your customer. Many stores do have a counter loop nowadays…

Be sure to act  pro-active!



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