Noise pollution at the office

Noises at the office is the biggest source of irritation. Think of the sound of talking colleauges or ringing telephones. Study has pointed this out. Noise pollution is not only irritating, it can cause loss of productivity (30%) and mentalĀ and physical complaints, think of a high blood pressure and stress. […]

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Diabetici and hearing loss

Japanese researchers have studied the connection between diabetes and hearing loss. They discovered a link during this research which was executed with people from the US, Asia, Australia and Brasil. Hearing loss occurs twice as much to people with diabetes. Reseach points out that people with bad poor sugar control […]

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Acoustics in the office

Most of the time, offices are designed with furniture of solid materials, like glas, concrete and solid floors. These kind of material are hardly sound absorbing. To make the room more comfortable, you can choose for materials for better acoustics in the office. Open offices Not only will acoustic will […]

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