Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones give you the opportunity to enjoy your TV program, music or presentation hassle free. You will not get annoyed with wires while exercising, turning your head or walking around the room. Wireless headphones give you independence and allow you to move freely.

Your Sense wireless headphones give many benefits, which evolved over time with all new technological advancements that continue to improve them. Wireless headphones can be ‘attached’ to almost any appliance. It plays sounds from MP3 players, stereo systems, television and computers, sometimes even from your game console.

With traditional headphones you will usually not be able to go to another room or to even move a few meters. The wireless headphones make this possible. For extra comfort, make sure you have an on board volume control. You will not have to return to you audio source to adjust the volume every time you want to adjust it. Most wireless headphones come with Dolby Surround, which gives better sound quality.