Infrared Hearing Loop

An infrared hearing loop is used in a wide variety of places. The system is, for example, used in lecture rooms, meeting rooms, cinemas, museums, and court rooms. Your Sense has great expertise in applying infrared hearing loops in a great number of buildings in the UK.


An infrared hearing loop works the same as a television remote control does. It sends invisible infrared light to the device. The infrared hearing loop has one big advantage over other systems. It does not permeate walls, ceilings, or other obstacles. This means that a conversation, a lecture, or any other spoken word stays within the room. Each room in a building has total privacy from any other area in the building.


For hearing aid users, an infrared hearing loop system is extremely convenient. A person wearing a hearing aid with an infrared hearing loop may walk from one area to another without having to switch frequencies or units.