Bluetooth Loop Set

Smooth Conversations
A Bluetooth loop set helps hearing aid users to have smooth conversations, for example over mobile phones. It allows clear communication for hands free communication. A Bluetooth loop set is completely wireless. It helps to hear and understand the conversation better. Making a phone call with this device is not a hassle anymore.

The main reason for problems with hearing aids is the creation of the acoustic interference of a handset brought close to the hearing aid. A Bluetooth loop set keeps the mobile phone at a distance, so it removes the interference caused by the device. It realises a direct signal to the hearing aid wirelessly. The user hears a clear and amplified sound, adjusted to his personal level.

Headphone or handsfree
A Bluetooth loop set is available as headphone or hands-free device. It is compatible with any phone with Bluetooth technology, come with rechargeable batteries and voice dial options. A Bluetooth loop set also helps with TV signals and is compatible with, for example, Skype.