Induction Loop

Induction LoopAudio induction loop technologies make the lives of the hard of hearing easier. Induction loop systems are used in buildings and rooms to assist hearing impaired people. The system transmits sound from sources such as  microphones or sound system and voices directly to a hearing aid device. It is compatible with telecoil hearing aids, which most hard of hearing people use nowadays.

Induction loop for different purposes

Induction loop technology is made to meet all requirements in daily life. Your Sense has induction loops for schools, universities, meeting rooms, churches, hotels, hospitals, check-in desks and many more venues. Induction loop technologies can also be used for theatres, conference halls and museums (think of guided tours).

One of the most important features of the induction loop is that it made to be user friendly and makes sure that the hard of hearing have no problems hearing in your building. The system can be portable or permanently installed with a lead attached to the floor or ceiling.

Why use an induction loop?

An induction loop helps to make hearing aid wearers to understand and hear better. The hearing aid is a beautiful instrument to use for better hearing, but in rooms and situations with more background noise, it’s not enough. A hearing aid will amplify all the sound, included background noise so the hearing aid wearer will have a hard time understand a conversation, listen to music or enjoying a play.

An induction loop will help. It will reduce disturbing background noise and it also will transmit the desired sound directly to the hearing aid.

Induction loops will help making buildings accessible for the hard of hearing. And if you know that one out of seven people is hard of hearing, you’ll understand that is not about a luxury product.

Your Sense has induction loops for little rooms and large spaces. We also have a specific induction loop for the counter and the elevator.