Sound in the theatre

Sound in the there

Solutions for sound in the theatre

Music, or a play in the theater should be an experience for all senses. Let’s enjoy! This is the way you like it for your guests!

But..what to do for your guests who are hard of hearing?

A hearing aid amplifies every sound to the same level. “All the sound” will mean: coughing,
and the talking of other guests. The bombastic sound of the show sounds like a
blur of noise for a hearing aid wearer.


Infrared systems for sound in the theatre

For theaters Your Sense offers excellent solutions like an infrared system.

This systems makes use of the infrared light/signal. Of course you know
infrared from the remote control of your television. The user of the infrared system wears a neck loop. The advantage of an infrared system is that you also can use the auto-encrypted. This is the audio explanation for people with a visual handicap.

RF Base System

The RF Base system can also be used for theaters and cinemas. This system, based on radio frequency, is an amplifier which can be situated in the room.

The user of the RF base system wears a neck loop.