Your Sense Team

Your Sense provides systems for people. This means, that not the system but the person is what it is all about. The systems of Your Sense are serving and helping the visitors and users in buildings, shops, schools and offices. The Your Sense staff has a technical background But what’s more important, the really have a listening ear for their customers.

Tim Nicholl – Technical Director

Tim Nicholl is technical director. He is working at the office in Scotland. Tim has 30 years experience as a technical manager/director. He has completed  Business Studies and a diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (maritime). Tim is not only a man with technical skills, he also can sense what it must be to live with a hearing loss. A strong combination, which helps him, to develop the systems which are meet the requirements.

Dimitri Lasscher – General Director

Dimitri Lasscher is general director at Your Sense. He is working at the office in Holland. DImitri is gratuated as a mechanical engineering technician. After his study, his jobs often were a combination between technique and commerce.

Dimitri  is a people person. He communicates directly and always thinks in possibilities. Every day, he sees new changes en he has the skills to make the people around him enthousiastic for his plans.

Making Sense of Sound!