Sound in the classroom-Soundfield

Sound in the classroom, for concentrated pupils and better results.

In the classroom
A schoolday can be very long and a lot of things can cause distraction. Of course, the world is new and had to be discovered. You wonder, how you can keep children stay alert?
In the first place it’s important to teach the children in an inspiring way. But how can you be sure that children really hear the lesson you’re teaching? By improving the sound in the classroom. Soundfield helps!

You can keep children motivated by offering them inspiring lessons but it’s really difficult to make sure all pupils really can follow you are teaching.

It seems, that the only option is, to raise your voice, but did you know that over 90% of the teachers suffers from voice problems? Research learns, that many pupils have difficulties to hear and understand the teacher. For example, when the teacher is dictating, many times words just “fade away”.

Designing a school is a serious matter. The best learning materials are purchased, the right furniture will be chosen and and as a school you respond to new developments like digiboards, use of laptops, etcetera.

When you realize that pupils spend 75% of the schooltime with listening, it’s natural to pay attention to this aspect.

Soundfield system
For class- and collegerooms, Your Sense supplies the soundfield system. Soundfield creates a homogeneous sound in the room. This means, that the sound, in most cases the voice of the teacher, will be amplified to the same level in the entire classroom.

The entire classroom is covered with the same “sound blanket”. You can choose for a ceiling microphones or tie clip microphone.

Speakers will take care that the whole classroom will be covered. The amplified sound can be heard at the same noise level in the whole room. It makes no difference if a pupil is situated in the front- or backside of the classroom.

Audio in the classroom is the perfect solution for pupil and teacher!

Dyslexia and language deficit
A dyslectic child has difficulties with listening and understanding the teacher. A child with a language deficit has benifit from listening to the teacher and understand every word properly.







Soundfield can be used in many otherĀ  situations, like at conferences in bigĀ  conference halls.

With a soundfield system you will invest in excellent sound, good healthy situations and good school and student results. There are more advantages!
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