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The importance of a soundfield system

One in four students suffers from hearing loss;

This has a direct effect on their results and speech and language skills;

The soundfield system has a wireless microphone for the teacher, so he/she can teach at a normal speech level;

Every student can follow the lesson  without being unnecessarily distracted.

What can a soundfield system do?
A soundfield system  is so much more than a speaker system. Measurements will dictate where to install the speakers to create a homogenous sound.

Many systems only amplify the high frequencies. A number of speakers are installed, each with one frequency.  This causes a shrill and annoying sound. Only hearing these high tones can make people feel tired.
The speakers of Your Sense with full range of frequencies, will create a full scale of natural sounds. This is very pleasant to listen to.

The soundfield system microphone will bring the sound – the voice- to a receiver and from there the sound will be sent to the loud speakers. The loud speakers will make sure that the whole classroom is covered. The loud speakers are available wired or wireless, making it unnecessary to install loud speaker cables.
In contrast with other soundfield systems, we install the speakers throughout the classroom. These speakers deliver sound in circles and these circles from the different speakers wil loverlap. In this way, full coverage in the entire classroom is guaranteed. Every student can understand the teacher!

Portable soundfield system
For more diversity and greater user-friendliness, Your Sense can supply a portable soundfield system which makes it possible to deliver sound exactly where it’s needed.

The soundfield system eliminates the risk of voice problems for teachers. Schools that use the system will notice a reduction in teacher absence.

What are all the advantages of a soundfield system in the classroom?

The importance of a soundfield system

Why is it so important to use a soundfield system in a classroom? Soundfield offers many advantages. Learn all about them:

The advantages for a teacher:

  • Less health problems like stress, tiredness and headaches
  • Less voice problems
  • Stress-less teaching

The advantages for the pupils/students:

  • Better test results
  • Less noise in the classroom
  • Less concentration problems

Benefits for the school:

  • Less absence through illness
  • Better school results



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