Soundfield Systems

Your Sense Sense has a wide variety of Soundfield systems, which help students or conference-goers in either small classrooms or big halls hear and understand their teacher or speaker better. The Soundfield system engages students and improves attentiveness to the speaker or teacher.

Better results!
Using the Soundfield system improves attentiveness, builds learning success and thus improves test scores. Numerous studies show that speakers and teachers who use the Soundfield system enjoy better comprehension, increased participation, better grades and fewer behavioural referrals. At the same time, it also reduces vocal strain and fatigue for teachers or speakers.

In educational situations, the teacher wears a wireless microphone and speaks at normal level. Normally, the students in the back of the class would not hear him well enough to follow his class. Outside noise, or even a single whisper from another student, will mask the teacher’s voice. With the Soundfield system, even the students in the back of the class will have no problems hearing the teacher. It makes it easier for them to maintain attention.

Soundfield is available in a wired or wireless version and comes with several options. To buy the Soundfield system that suits you best, please click on the contact button below.