Transport Induction Loop

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Transport Induction Loop

Transport Induction Loop

The Transport Induction Loop is a special induction loop used for different kinds of passenger transport. For a hearing aid wearer, making a trip can be very stressful. It’s for example very difficult to understand important announcements properly.

Transport induction loop for all kinds of transportation

The transport induction loop will make sure a hearing aid wearer won’t miss any relevant travel information. The loop will be for example in busses, installed in the ceiling of the passenger area. Every hearing aid wearer who is situated in this area, can make use of the loop. They only have to switch to the T-coil on the hearing aid and all the announcements will be transmitted and transferred directly to the hearing aid.

The transport induction loop can of course be used in other private transportations. It’s for example very suitable also for trains, for which the installation is quite similar to the installation of an induction loop in a bus.

Transport Induction Loop in Ferries and passenger ships

The transport loop is also used in ferries and passenger ships. In the restaurants a room loop is best to install but in the area where the chairs are standing in line, a transport loop is the best solution.

In the UK it’s required to equip taxi’s with an induction loop, so the passenger feels safe and secure because he or she’s able to communicate with the driver.

Together with Plastisol we have installed induction loops in busses for Dubai (see picture). The customer in Dubai is very enthusiastic about the result.

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