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One out of seven visitors of your building is hard of hearing
This large group of people feels embarrassed when they can’t hear the counter employee
But t
hey won’t complain!
They simply will not enter your building again
They don’t feel welcome
Such a huge loss for your organisation!

Research shows, that hard of hearing people feel misunderstood when they’re at counter in for instance a hospital or city hall. They can’t be informed in a proper way, simply because they can’t hear the counter employee and feel too embarrassed to ask for answers to be repeated.

This can be very risky:

  • Health hazard because information is not understand correctly
  • Important information is not transmitted properly
  • Patients lack good care
  • People will not visit your company/building again, even when this is very necessary for them
  • A negative experience can lead to negative reviews.

The movie below shows you, how frustrating it can be, when you can’t hear a counter employee properly.

What is an induction loop?

An induction loop is a system for hearing-aid wearers. The loop is a cable which is installed in the ceiling or floor. This cable transmits a magnetic signal.  Most hearing aids are equipped with a T-coil. When the hearing-aid wearer switches to this T-coil setting, the hearing aid will pick up the signal, when he or she is within the loop. Relevant sound will be amplified e.g. the counter employee’s voice in the case of the counter loop. And background noise will be filtered, to eliminate any hindrance.

As the name suggests,the counter loop is an induction loop which we have designed for counters. It’s a small box which can be placed on or under the counter, containing a loop cable.  . This is the induction loop which creates an inductive, i.e. magnetic, signal. The box also contains a microphone which makes sure that the counter employee’s voice is amplified.

At the same time, the visitor’s privacy is guaranteed. The counter loop creates a magnetic field with a radius of 1.5m.The hearing-aid wearer is able to communicate perfectly with the counter employee within this field; the employee can’t be heard by the hard of hearing person outside this field.


Counter Hearing LoopAdvantages of the Your Sense counter loop compared to other counter systems:

  • Very compact system; 10,8 x 13,8 cm
  • Unlike other counter loop systems, the intern microphone and cable are sufficient
  • Minimal installation time, at a time suitable time for you (also outside office hours)
  • Installed discretely under the counter, so employees wont’even notice it’s here
  • No need to switch the system on/off: no action needed
  • Peace of mind that the system works thanks to the LED light.
  • Surprisingly low price

Companies which already benefit from our systems include:

Odeonlogo house of fraser





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You will choose the Your Sense counter loop because:

  • Very positive for your image
  • It’s important your building complies with acces legislation
  • Visitor privacy is guaranteed
  • Greater efficiency at the counter
  • Counter employee does not need to raise his/her voice  

Want to know your price?

You are very aware of the costs you have to incur for your company. Don’t worry, we are too.

Counter Hearing Loop Know what the advantages you will get for a small price:

  • High level of access
  • High service level
  • Less delays
  • Privacy
  • Quick installation time

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