Sound in the hospital

Healthcare is personal. It’s very important to communicate with the patient.

It’s pleasant for the patient when you explain what you’re doing during the treatment.

Making eye contact is not always possible, for example because you’re standing behind the person.

An induction loop will help. The hearing aid wearer switch to the T-coil and will receive the spoken words of the caretaker directly.

Nursing Homes
Nursing homes are facilitated with living rooms. The people who live in the nursing home can drink a nice cup of coffee or taking part in an activity.

For the wearers of a hearing aid the quality of daily life can be improved with the use of a induction loop. There are different loop systems for different areas (50 m², 200 m² or 500 m²).

In the elevator
In hospitals and nursing homes, the elevator is used intensively. It can appear, that the elevator will stand still due to technical trouble. Not very pleasant, but the intercom system can be helpful.

Although, a hearing aid wearer can’t communicate via the intercom.

The hearing aid will interfere the system. You can imagine, that it must be very frightening when you can’t get out of the elevator and not be able to ask for help.

Elevator Induction Loop
The YSEL system is an induction loop, which is especially designed for elevators. The elevator loop can be installed in new and in elevators which are already in use.

Offer your patients safety and security!

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