Acoustics in the gym

Sporting in a gym is a very loud matter. When the acoustics in the gym is poor, this can be, at least, very annoying for the persons present. It also can bring unsafe situations because they can’t understand the instructions properly. For the teacher the problem is also big. He has to make himself clear in this noisy situation and there is a big change, he suffers from vocie problems at the end of the day. Poor acoustics can cause hard of hearing problems!

What causes bad acoustics?
The cause of bad acoustics has to do with too little absorption in the room. This causes reverberation and a reverberation time which is too long.

Other consequences are flutterecho’s. In rooms where are flat, parallel and solid walls, there can occur flutterecho’s. These are short, sharp ticking sounds. The flutterecho will be visible in most of the measures.  (de tijd dat een geluidverschijnsel in een ruimte nog hoorbaar is als de geluidsbron reeds is gestopt).

Good acoustics
Good acoustics starts with a sound measurement. By performing a pre measurement, we can determine which sound adjustments are necessary to meet the standards.

When we have provided the room with the acoustic material, we will perform an after measurement. With the results of this measurement, you will know exactly what the improvement is en you’ll see, that the room will meet the standards.

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