Acoustics in the hospital

The patient needs rest
A hospital is a  busy place. Medical staff is working and communicating, visitors are coming to see their family or friends in hospital. Beside these human sounds, machines produce also many noise. All this noise can disturb the sleep and the recovery of the patients.

  • Recovery will be more prosperous when this takes place in a quiet environment;
  • Patients will sleep better and a quiet environment can help to decrease the pain experience.

Safety of the patient
A good acoustic environment helps the nursing staff to detect and analyse alarm sounds of machines and ring sounds of patients. Flawless communication is important during the handover of shifts and the exchange of patient information. To achieve the desirable speech comfort, wall panels can bring the solution.

Your Sense takes care of the acoustics in hospitals, in particularly in corridors and patient rooms. The acoustic improves by the use of acoustic walls and ceilings. Hospitals are, because of the hygiene, facilitated with solid, easy to clean furniture. A feature of these material is, that they are sound absorbing and they will make the sound reflect and sing around. Acoustic materials  of Your Sense will solve this problem.