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One out of seven passengers in your elevators is hard of hearing
If they are hearing-aid wearers, they won’t be able to call
  for help via the intercom system in the event of an emergency
  All they will hear is a shrill whistle
Imagine how insecure they must feel


Without an elevator loop:

  • People may complain about the unsafe situation
  • People may get stuck for too long
  • People may get hurt or an injury may get worse because help cannot be summoned

The passengers involved could file a claim against you for the above points.

Watch the video to see what the elevator loop will do for you and your passengers:

What is an elevator loop?

Your Sense has designed an induction loop for elevators. This lift loop makes communication between the emergency helpdesk and the hard of hearing passenger possible.How?
The Elevator Induction loop creates a magnetic field in the elevator car. The hearing-aid wearer only has to switch the hearing aid to the Telecoil setting to receive the signal.

Advantages of the Your Sense Elevator Loop?

  • Only system to have passed testing for use in elevators to date
  • Universal operation- designed for use in all elevators with any manufacturer of emergency phone and floor announcer
  • DC supply- can be powered by existing supply or mains
  • Plug and Play, internal loop and microphone for very simple installation
  • Options for external loop and line level inputs ensure optimal flexibilitty
  • Twin inputs, one unit for both emergency phone and floor announcer
  • Can be installed behind COP or on car roof, less risk of vandalism


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Now you know almost anything you need to know about the Your Sense Elevator Loop.
Our elevator loop is the only loop to have been tested and certified by Liftinstituut. This means that if you choose the YSEL, you choose safe and certain acces for all your guests wearing a hearing aid.

The Your Sense Elevator Loop is the most frequently used elevator loop in the world.

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Why is our Elevator Loop the most frequently used Elevator Loop?

  • 100% Delivery Performance 
  • Plug and Play system
  • Compact Fit, 135 x 105 mm
  • Full Car Coverage

 Norms and regulations

  • Conforms to all EN requirements, including but not limited to:- EN 61000-6-3:2007, EN 61000-6-4:2007, EN 61000-6-1:2007, EN 61000-6-2:2005
  • YSEL conforms to relevant parts EN12015, EN12016, particularly but not limited to EN61000-4- parts 2 to 6
  • IEC60118-4:2007 When correctly installed and commissioned the YSEL conforms to the standard.










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