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A portable loop is the same as a hearing induction loop. The big difference is, that the portable loop can be easily used in every room.

The portable loop is delivered in a suitcase. This makes, that the loop is easy to carry to every room you prefer  A standard hearing loop will be installed in e.g. a meeting room. It’s fixed and can’t be transported to another room.

The portable loop consists of a cable which you can lay down and tape to the ground.  You also can imagine situations, in which is more useful to have a portable loop system, so it can be used in any room you like. If you for example have a meeting in another room or building and an hearing aid wearer will attend, it’s a little effort to take the suitcase and prepare the meeting for the person who is hard of hearing.

Three types of portable loop

There are also three types of portable  loops; the

  • YSP50 for 50m2 or <
  • YSP200 for 200m2 or <
  • YSP500 for 500 m2 or <

When choose a portable loop?



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