Parking System Loop

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Parking System Induction Loop

Parking System Loop

Hearing aid wearers aren’t able to communicate via the intercom system of car parking systems. This is because the signal of the intercom will cause interruption on the hearing aid.

What should they do when they are in need of help?

How does the Parking  System Loop work?

Your Sense has developed a special parking system induction loop. This car parking loop will creates a loop in which the parking assistant’s voice is sent directly to the hearing aid. The parking system loop also filters background noise. This enables hearing-aid wearers to communicate effortlessly via the intercom.
The Your Sense Parking Loop can be retrofitted or integrated into a new system. The loop is suitable for all kinds of parking and intercom systems.

Advantages of the Your Sense Parking Sytem Loop:

  • Easy Installation
  • Ensures access for people with impaired hearing
  • Meets the standards of the Equality Act 2010
  • Will not interfere with the mechanics of the machine

The Parking System Induction Loop is a small induction loop in a box. Simple and clever. It is built into the machine and works immediately.

If you want to retain your high levels of service and reliability, an induction loop for your parking systems is recommended.

We have extensive experience with all kinds of designs and equipment. The parking system loop is designed in such a way that it always offers a clear signal and perfect sound.



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