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What is Soundmasking?

Used together with the ‘passive’ methods of sound absorption and blocking , Sound Masking uses ‘active’ sound technology to improve the environment.
Cover intruding or sensitive speech/sound using an evenly distributed, unobtrusive Sound Masking system to meet the desired privacy level.
The system distributes a carefully designed signal throughout the space to increase the ambient (or ‘background’) sound level.

Open offices and Soundmasking

Open plan spaces are becoming increasingly popular in the layout of almost all working environments. From high density call centres and sales floors, to flexible office planning, to the development of high street banking and medical advice; this change in architectural layout requires careful consideration in regard to to confidentiality and the concentration of customers, clients and employees. Sound masking is the solution.
Both the commercial and public sectors are increasingly seeing the benefits of adding ‘Sound Masking’ systems to their working environments.

SoundmaskingWhy Soundmasking?

  • Speech privacy
  • Client confidentiality
  • Increased concentration
  • Commercial secrecy
  • Doctor/Patient integrity


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