Sound at home

Home sweet home!
Means, that you’re comfortable in your house. You’ve designed your house, making sure it’s meeting your needs and wishes.

The loss of hearing can cause a change in needs.

Are you irritated when you’re watching television? Is it impossible to make a phone call in a nice way? When you hear less, you will get irritated with things of the every day life.

Room Loop
For your living room Your Sense has the room induction loop. This is an induction loop which is available for various area. By switching your hearing to the T-coil, you will receive directly the signal of the induction loop.
The television and radio can be connected to the room induction loop. Watching television, listening to the radio or making conversation will be enjoyable things to do again.

Wake up systems
Be sure that you’ll wake up in time and sleep better.

Your Sense offers a range of wake up systems, which will wake you with a vibrating pad. Your Sense also has portable alarm systems easy to use during holidays or when you’re travelling.

All products, but the room loop, you can find in the Your Sense Shop.

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