Discovery of gen – good news for the hard of hearing

Researchers of the Washington University have extracted the FGF20 gene from mice, which prevents the development of cells which amplify sounds. The mice appeared healthy after the take out, but couldn’t hear a thing. An interesting research result! Read the article:    

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Office work and hard of hearing: some tips!

Working at the office can be, professionally as well as socially be difficult when you’re hard of hearing. It’s hard to follow a conversation whan there is background noise, bad acoustic and a mumbling colleague. A few tips to make the life at the office a little bit easier: Speak […]

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Tinnitus Implant can help against noise

About one on ten people are sufferin form tinnitus. Often, they hear whistling, rustling or beeping sounds. Tinnitus is a serious problem. People with tinnitus are fagged and many of them are in a depression. The cause is unknown and there also isnt’ a proper treatment yet. In the Maastricht […]

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