Stemcell research – Not deaf anymore!

British researchers have made 18 deaf gerbils hear again. All gerbils were completely deaf at one ear. For the examination, human stem cells were used. The stem cells made the hearing ability improve with not less than 46%. This research offers good oppurtunities to help people within a couple of […]

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Brain research – How can we filter noise?

Brain researchers have done research to learn how it is possible, that, in situations with lots of rumour, we’re capable to filter noise like laughter and music, and to concentrate us fully to a conversation. This is also known as the “cocktail party-effect”. It has appeared, that, in this kind […]

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Why the T-coil is so important!

T-coil, what’s that? It’s a pity ┬áthat a lot of people are unknown with the T-coil on their hearing aid although this may be the most important function of the hearing aid. By switching your hearing aid to the T-coil, you can make use of the induction loop systems in […]

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