Hearing loops – No Luxury!

Do you still think that hearing systems are a niche market, that it’s a luxury that buildings are facilitated with induction loop systems?

So not true! The thing is, that hearing aid wearers do not always use their voice when it comes to standing up for themselves. It’s a shame because the figures say that they are not alone. At this moment, 1 out of 6 people suffer from a hearing loss. Did you hear, sorry, read that? One one of six..

Think about that..Look around you. Your dad, your colleague, your best friend, they could suffer from hearing loss.

Many people with hearing loss isolate themselves because they feel misunderstood, kept out and ashamed. A simple conversation can be really hard for them, an arrend can be a though job. These kind of problems often lead to a depression. One out of six people will recognize this story!

Still think hearing systems are a luxury? No? I thougt so..

Induction loops are not a niche, but necessary!

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