Your Sense sponsors Friends of Faid

friends of faid logoFriends of Faid is a school in Lebanon for deaf children and children who are hard of hearing. Your Sense helps these children by sponsoring products and by really lower the prices of more expensive systems, with the result that Friends of Faid can provide each child with our FM System.

Testimonial Friends of Faid
Last week we received a heartwarming testimonial of Mr. Scheele, the chairperson of Friends of Faid.

He wrote:

“We love the Your Sense FM systems. At the moment we use them in 7 of 11 classrooms in our school for Deaf Children in Beirut.
Our goal is to provide every classroom and every child with a personal FM system We already can see a ┬álot of progress. Your Sense is great, the way they help us is fantastic. Without their help and attractive prices we were not able to help soo many children.”

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