Soundamplifier versus Soundfield

Voice complaints

Many teachers in Europe have problems with their voice. That’s because they have to raise their voice a lot during the day.

You can imagine, this is very annoying for the teachers, but also very unpleasant for the school. Teachers with voice problems will stay home for sick leave and the school has to hire substitute teachers. A valuable matter!

There are ways to reduce voice complaints and even to counteract. Many customers have told us that they do not know the difference between sound amplify systems and soundfield systems.


There are so called sound amplify systems. This is a system which will be situated next to the teacher. A sound amplifier will amplify the sound in the front of the classroom. This amplified sound will go to the backside of the room. Students who are situated in the back, have less benefit of the amplifier. Sound amplify systems are also known as single source systems.

A soundfield system works with homogenous sound. The teacher’s voice will be send and amplified through the whole classroom. The sound is the same at every place in the room. Children who are in the backside, can hear and understand the spoken words perfectly.

No drop outs!

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