Safe in the elevator with the elevator loop!

Elevators in Holland are the most safe elevators in the world. Still many accidents happen, recently even a fatal accident!

Holland has an elevator instute, known as the “Liftinstituut”. One of their tasks is to collect as many data as they can about these accidents to learn and to have the possibillity to examine these accidents.

Examination shows, that it’s extremely important to follow the advice which are shown in the elevator. When you’re stuck in the elevator, it is not wise to try to free yourself. The only thing you need to do is to alarm the emergency staff.

But what do you have to do when you aren’t able to alarm? A hearing aid wearer will have problems to tell a security employee, that he is in trouble.

Calling for help allways has to be done via the intercom system. A hearing aid will cause this much interuption, that the hearing aid wearer will not understand the employee.

Your Sense has developed an elevator loop which can solve this problem completely. The loop can be used for new to built and retro-installations.

Ask for help
It’s a safe thought that you can always can ask for help, especially in an isolated environment, like an elevator!

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