Office work and hard of hearing: some tips!

Working at the office can be, professionally as well as socially be difficult when you’re hard of hearing. It’s hard to follow a conversation whan there is background noise, bad acoustic and a mumbling colleague. A few tips to make the life at the office a little bit easier:

  • Speak up! When you’re in a meeting and you’re having difficulties following the conversation, tell your colleagues! When people are in a discussion, they sometimes forget that they have to think op people who can’t understand the spoken word properly.
  • Get to know your direct team of colleagues. Other colleagues can copy their way of communication.
  • If possible, place your desk in a way that you can see all your colleagues. In this way, you can see when jokes are made and take part in conversations. You feel more committed to the team. What you also can do is make friends with one or two collegeagues. They can keep you informed about the latest news.
  • Make sure you communicate loud and clear. Good communication is effective!

You can also make office life easier with for example a induction loop system.


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