Catch a movie? No, I’m wearing a hearing aid…

Imagine, you’re hard of hearing. Which activities will you do less or will become completely impossible?
Do you like to go to the cinema? When you’re wearing a hearing aid it isn’t comfortable to watch a movie in the cinema. The hearing aid will amplify all the noises. It can not, like our ears can, focus on one sound. You will hear for example people opening their bags of crisps, the whispering and coughing just as loud as the sound of the movie. This sound will become one blur.

Better stay at home?
In our daily job, we often speak with people who suffer from hearing loss. Many of these people tell, that they avoid going out, like to the cinema. Their attitude is, that things like that, just aren’t possible anymore, when you’re a wearer of a hearing aid. With other words, hearing aid wearers feel that living with a hearing loss means that you can’t go out anymore properly. Our opinion is, that’s just crazy!

Fortunate, there are cinemas in the UK, which have recognized this problem. They welcome all their visitors and facilitate their cinema also for hearing aid wearers.

Catch a movie! Yes, even when you’re hard of hearing!

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