Accessibility, what does that mean?

What is accessibility?
Everyone has his own perception about accessibility. If you have young children, you will search for restaurants and accommodations which have facilities for children, e.g. in restaurants and holiday destinations.

Accessible for wheelchairs
If you’re in a wheelchair or one of your familymembers is depending on a wheelchair, you’ll always check if buildings are accessible for wheelchairs, like if buildings are facilitated with ramps, if there are elevators and if the passages are big enough. It can be difficult to find the right information.

Active accessibility
Your Sense thinks, when we talk about accessibility, of “active accessibility”. With active accessibility we mean that, when your’re in a building, you can participate in an active way. You can enjoy the play in the theatre, pay your bill at the counter without communication problems and take part in a meeting with colleagues, that’s what we call “active accessibility”!


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