Accessibility at the airport

Sound at the counterWhat are the biggest values for airports? Safety, Efficiency and Accessibility.

As an airport you can expect different types of passengers. You should be prepared. When you know, that one out of seven people in the world suffers from hearing loss, you can easily calculate how many hard of hearing people visit your airport every day. Check the accessibility at the airport.

Less stress with a counter loop
Facilitate your counters with an induction loop is not a luxury but very necessary. Not only for the hard of hearing, but think about the time it will cost, when a counter employee has to repeat information over and over again. Think of all the impatient passengers. You can already hear the complaints.

Counter Loop Schiphol Airport
At Schiphol Airport we already facilitated the counters with the counter loop system. With great success! It takes only 10 minutes to install, and you’ll be sure you are perfect accessible for the hard of hearing!

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