Hearing systems legally required; who cares?

hearing loss and depressionIf someone in a wheelchair is entering your building, what do you think? You’re doing all you can to make yourself helpful, isn’t?

Does it make you angry?

Do you feel proud because the ramp outside your building is really a big help for the person in the wheelchair? Do you feel really attentive, because you jump out of your chair to open all doors for this person, even he or she tells you, it’s really not necessary?

And if someone of your company asks you, whether the ramp is legally required, what do you feel than? No, don’t tell me, let me guess.

You feel irritated. No, you even feel angry. You feel like all persons in wheelchairs are being personal assaulted. Now what, if I told you, so many companies asks me, if they are legally required to facilitate their company with hearing systems for the hard of hearing. Do you know, what I feel, if they ask me this question?

Hearing aid wearers are standing outside

I feel really confused. People with hearing problems don’t have any problems with entering a building. But they do have problems with all the things they like to do, have to do in the specific building they got into. For them, it’s so difficult to have a conversation in a big hall or room, because of all the background noise.

They have difficulties to understand a counter employee and feel ashamed to ask if someone can repeat what they just said. Lots of hearing aid wearers will avoid social activities just because they become literally tired, making effort to understand…Without proper hearing systems, the hard of hearing people in fact, can’t enter your building in a proper way. In the end, they will not enter your building anymore because you will keep the door closed for them. Still want to know if it’s legally required?


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