Hearing Loop Systems


Loop systems are becoming more and more important in the daily life. 1 out of 5 people in the USA is hard of hearing. Luckily, the arwareness of the importancy of loop systems is also growing. Loop systems help people with a hearing aid to communicate in public, noisy situations. Your Sense has different types of loop systems, for small and big rooms. We also have a portable loop system.

Where can I use a loop system?

  • Conference room
  • Meeting room
  • Class room
  • Lecture Hall
  • Waiting room

Advantages of loop systems:


Elavator Loop System

To facilitate counters for the hearing impaired, Your Sense has developed the YSCL Counter Loop, a small box that is ideal to put on or under the reception desk.

Counter Hearing LoopTo meet the Accessibility Act and to give all your guests a safe feeling, you facilitate your elevators with the YSEL Elevator Loop. The all in one box is perfect for new build and retro elevators.