Soundfield and sport

A sport teacher of course teaches a lot in the gym room. There’s always a lot of echo in spaces like this high and big. The teacher has to raise his voice tog give the pupils the right instructions.

Result: voice problems. To avoid this kind of problems, use a soundfield system in the gym. To make optimal use of the soundfield system, it”s wise to adapt the acoustics in the gym. Your Sense can accomplish acoustic measurements, like an echo measurement for you to make a proper acoustic advice. An example of an acoustic adjustment can be ceiling panelling. The speakers of the soundfield system will be installed at the walls in the gym.

  • The teacher wears a neck microphone which will not give, even when the teacher is moving and running, any inconvenience.
    The advantages of soundfield in the gym:

    • Lessons in a relaxed way
    • Safe situations
    • Pupils will participate in a more active way
    • No voice problems
    • No absence because of voice problems