What is the NEN EN81/70?

EN81/70European Norm EN81/70

The EN/81/70 is a European norm with guidelines about elevators and how they should be equipped for people with a handicap.

Elevators should comply to the NEN EN81/70. If they do, elevators will be accessible for everyone, including people with a handicap.

The EN81/70 says for example something about the size of the cabin and the doors, to make it possible for people in wheelchairs to go in and out the elevator easily.

Hearing aid causes interference

For the hard of hearing it should be possible to communicate via the intercom system, in a case of emergency. The hearing aid will cause interference. The hearing aid wearer isn’t able to speak via the intercom system in the elevator.

The European Norm 81/70 is more and more used in specification texts.